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Tuba Essentials Details


3-Step Set Up

"THE HUG" is ready to go in 3 simple steps. Get to the music in less time, without hassle - not to mention less chance for expensive dents.

"The HUG'S"  mobility and stability allows all musicians to quickly get to playing without the need for set up or take down. 

Tuba Posture
Tuba Stand Mobility
Tuba Stand Adjustability

Helps ensure proper posture leading to improved player performance and more enjoyment in music. By having proper posture, players are more likley to experience total valve depression.


Once the tuba is on stand, it can effortlessly be moved into playing position and relocated for concerts or storage. "THE HUG" is the only stand available with four inch, 250 lb capacity wheels. The front wheel rotates for infinite postioning possibilities and then locks in place when needed.


Simple 3-step set up. "THE HUG" accomodates all tubas and players with infinite height adjustment for precise mouthpiece placement.The stand also holds tuba while playing and at rest.  

Tuba music
Music students
Tuba money saving

Stop spending so much time on set up and take down. Instead, focus on the music.  "THE HUG' is quickly and easily set for all players and all tubas so you can get to the music.


The size of the tuba will never change, but means of handling it now have.  "THE HUG" addresses the frustrations of students and their parents helping to ensure they stick with the instrument. Players don't worry about balancing the tuba and concentrate more on playing. It also allows students, who may not otherwise be able to play the tuba, to experience the joy of the instrument. 


We all know even a single dent can be exepensive to repair. With multiple tuba handlers over the course of a year, there are numerous opportunities for accidents. Our tuba stand significantly reduces the risk of damage and allows you to use those funds set aside for repair in other areas - for years to come. The stand will essentially pay for itself in a years time.

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