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Tuba Essentials Story


From the Owner:

I'm a tuba veteran and want others to enjoy this wonderful instrument as I have most of my life. Let's face it, there are challenges that come along with playing the tuba. It's large, heavy and cumbersome. Not everyone can handle it, that is why I chose to develop this stand. It is my personal goal to provide an affordable tuba stand that allows anyone to play - regardless of age, ability or physical limitation.


Young players will learn the basics, minus the horrible effects of wrestling with the weight of the tuba. Older players will continue to play longer, even if father time reduces their physical strength to hold on to the tuba. All players, from middle school through college and beyond, will look sharp and play better with proper posture.


Band Directors will benefit in many ways. Recruiting young players and keeping their interest in learning music will continue to be a band director's first priority and with our stand, they will have more time to focus on it. Their budgets will be freed up due to less dent repair. Finally, we have been told that the tuba sections' sound even improves.


We want you and others to enjoy the tuba. And we want you to know Tuba Essentials is committed to doing whatever we can to make this happen - before, during and after you order. So please, reach out with any questions or comments. We'd love to hear from you.

Patrick Hultman
Tuba Essentials

Tuba Stand - Sit or Stand
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