"HUG" Tuba Cover

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The "Hug" Tuba Cover is a full Nylon cover that allows the tuba to be covered for protection while leaving the tuba on the tuba stand. Benefits: less handling of the tuba, easy maintenance while upright for valve oiling and instrument cleaning, plus it will free up storage space. Our tuba cover is made of sports nylon with a soft flannel interior for further tuba protection. A draw string is at the bottom for tightening. There are two sizes one for full size tubas and the other for 3/4 size and Euphoniums. Currently, there is a two week manufacturing backorder

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We've spent years field testing our tuba stands in various bands - from beginners to professionals. We've refined the design focusing in on perfection and it is now available to you. As told by many band directors, "Finally a strong tuba stand that can be played off of comfortably."                                         262-617-4010                                           PO Box 245, Wales, WI 53183

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