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Tuba Essentials Adjustable Tuba Stand

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Our "HUG" tuba stand is manufactured in six different variations.  We fit all tubas and euphoniums.  We have to know what side the lead pipe is on and what size tubas.  For example: "Full size tuba, mouthpiece on the left while playing the horn." or "3/4 size tuba with mouthpiece on right, or "Euphonium with mouthpiece on left. We do custom make stands for our special musicians.  You may contact us on our contact page if you prefer going through your local music store dealer.  We will reach out to them.  Let us know if you have any other questions.


  • Mobility - easily maneuvers from storage to practice areas

  • Eliminates constant handling of tuba

  • Promotes concentrating on music
    verses holding the tuba

  • Ensures proper posture

  • Reported improvement in
    sound quality


  • Designed to accentuate verses distract from the tuba

  • Easily set up and relocate 

  • Appears as if players are holding the tuba in harmony with one another

Tuba music


Allows you to spend more time on music verses set up and take down of the tuba.

Music students


Opens up opportunity for more students to take up playing the tuba and to stick with it by not having to fight handling the instrument.

Tuba money saving


Reduces the chance for damaging the tuba, saving both time and money on expensive repairs.

Tuba playing form


Helps ensure proper playing posture and form.

Tuba Mobility


Easily set up and relocate the instrument as needed. "THE HUG' is the only wheeled stand available. 

Adjustable Tuba Stand


Quickly adjust to fit all players and all tubas. "THE HUG' is designed for versatility and can be played while sitting or standing. 



The Hug - two arms gently, yet securely, "hug" the tuba while its cradled by the bottom supports.